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"Revolution is Coming" au Computer History Museum (USA)

jeudi 13 janvier 2011

Si vous êtes du coté de de la Silicon Valley ou de San-Francisco, on ne peut que vous conseiller d’y aller.

Revolution is coming to the Computer History Museum.

Revolution : The First 2000 Years of Computing opens to the public on January 13, 2011. This major exhibition, more than six years in the making, will transform the way you think about computers, the software that runs them, and the people who set the ongoing computing revolution in motion.

Revolution is for Everyone

When you tour Revolution, you will experience a close-up look at one-of-a-kind objects, devices, and software. You will see and hear first-hand accounts from many of the innovators, and experience history unfolding in a vivid and engaging way. Revolution is for people who love cool museums and history. It is for tech professionals who love their work. It is for anyone who wants to understand the technical world we all live in. And it is for everyone who has ever asked, "Where do I go to see Silicon Valley ?" Revolution is your destination.

Revolution will be a modern wonder. More than 1,100 objects from the Museum’s vast collection will be on display in 19 galleries. Each gallery will describe the impact of an important chapter in computing - from the abacus to the Internet, and everything in between. An orientation theater, a What’s Next theater, three mini-theaters, and more than 100 multimedia stations will immerse you in sights and sounds as you hear and see the stories of the men and women who built every aspect of computing. What you will learn depends on your perspective. Many skilled guides will be available to help you zero in on the displays that appeal to every interest. We are sure it will be one of the most remarkable museum experiences you will have.

Revolutionize Your Online Perspective

Revolution is also coming to the Internet. Our online exhibit will contain everything you see in the physical exhibition and a whole lot more. Revolution Online will be the world’s front door to the history of computing and a rich resource for students and teachers. Revolution is a digital canvas on which we will tell the ongoing story of the Information Age for years to come.

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